New NSA Leak From Snowden ‘Very Imminent’

Could anything surprise us from the NSA anymore?
Check it out:

Today on MSNBC, Glenn Greenwald told host Ronan Farrow that a new document release from Edward Snowden is “very imminent,” and called it “one of the most important in the archive.” Farrow asked if there were any more disclosures to come that are significant. Greenwald indicated this is definitely the case:

Definitely, including one that is very imminent, that I’ve long considered to be the most important or one of the most important in the archive, which is the question of what kinds of American citizens are actually being targeted by the NSA for the most invasive kinds of surveillance.

Farrow further asked why the documents were being parceled out and released in stages, to which Greenwald answered that they were doing “actual journalism” and that it is time-consuming.



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