Nanny State Pushes Sex On Children

Liberals will make their perverted believes the norm in society.
Check it out:

Alex Jones covers the new medical laws in Michigan that says Drs will have a confidential meeting with children privately without parental supervision to turn them into Nanny-State snitches for the system.

Duffy went on to assert her right as a parent to decide what her daughter should be told about sex or birth control. She also cited the potential of teenage boys being given condoms by doctors in defiance of parental encouragement to abstain from having sex before marriage.

In addition to the conversation about birth control and STDs, previous examples have taught us that nurses sometimes quiz children about domestic abuse, to the point where an accident or an incident where the child was spanked can escalate into a full blown CPS investigation.

This case highlights how the state, primarily via the schooling system and health care, is moving aggressively to curtail parental authority and set the precedent that the government is responsible for protecting children from their own parents.



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