Mrs. Clinton’s “Dead Broke” Sob Story

Hillary is making sure everyone remembers how good of a liar she is.
Check it out:

Before we get to the Hillary Clinton sound bites, I don’t think things are going as well with this book as they had planned. But that’s just my first take, just based on things I’m seeing in the news. It’s still at number two on Amazon and it had the whole Drive-By Media behind it. It’s already been marked down 40%, which is not uncommon. It’s standard operating procedure sometimes for best-sellers to be knocked down to 30%, anywhere from 15 to 30. But 40? And there are not a whole lot of people showing up at her first book signing? You have to wonder, did they not get the word out to the unions, you know, to go out there and stand in line?

Anyway, as you know, Mrs. Clinton’s in trouble because she tried to tell everybody how destitute and broke and poor and homeless she and Bill were when they left the White House. She had to walk that back, interview with Diane Sawyer. Not even Diane Sawyer swallowed it, and Diane Sawyer and swallowing — well, not even this Diane Sawyer could believe. She found out that Clinton sometimes gets 700 grand per speech, how can you claim you’re poor? So Hillary’s had to walk that back.

Now, we have to remember here that the Clintons established a legal defense fund to help protect Bill from justice. They were in debt because of their own actions. While they were in all of this debt, though, they bought that multimillion-dollar place in Chappaqua. Now, how did they do that if they were broke? Okay, got a mortgage. Who lent them the money? And what did they promise in exchange for it?

Even Diane Sawyer, even some in the leftist media don’t even want to try to get behind this. The idea that Clintons were poor and dead broke and destitute? There’s no way. I mean, these are the people that have been out there bragging about how rich they are for the last, what, 15 years? You can’t miss it. (doing Clinton impression) “You know what? I’m not afraid of any tax cut. I don’t need one of those. I’m not afraid of any tax increase whatsoever ’cause, you know, I’m rich, I can afford it. In fact, I gotta tell you something. When I get my tax bill, I’m proud, I am happy. I have the ability to sign that check for that tax increase ’cause I am rich. I’m richer than you are.”



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