Liberals Defend Obama’s Politically Calculated Release Of Terrorists

The dancing that liberals are doing to try and defend this lawless exchange is amazing.
Check it out:

Sunday news shows were ground zero for Democrats defending President Obama’s decision to circumvent the law by releasing high-level al Qaeda terrorists to secure the release of captured Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl from Taliban custody.

In a politically calculated move, the White House deployed top Democrats armed with carefully crafted talking points to push the meme that Republicans constantly “say no” to the president. But Republicans fought back, making clear their objection is not the rescue of an American soldier, but that the president ignored the United States’ longstanding edict of not negotiating with terrorists, something the Democrats and ranking White House officials found hard to deny — yet did.

Missouri Democratic Senator and member of the Senate Armed Services Committee Claire McCaskill said to Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, “This was not a hostage; this was a prisoner of war. It is much different when you are negotiating with the enemy for a prisoner of war. We have done prisoner swaps many times in our nation’s history.” But when host Wallace asked, “So, we negotiated with terrorists?” Sen. McCaskill quickly retorted, “I guarantee you, Chris, that if in fact this man’s life was lost and it came out that we had this opportunity and our commander in chief passed on it, the Republicans would be going crazy right now.”

McCaskill blames Republicans for playing politics: “We saved an American life on foreign soil, the president and foreign policy gets criticized. Are you seeing a theme here? It’s politics. We saved this man’s life. The commander in chief acted within his constitutional authority.”



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