This sounds a lot like the idiots who try to say the girl who was raped was asking for it.
Check it out:

It sounds like a Yakov Smirnoff joke, but the observation is not by Smirnoff and it’s not meant to be funny, as least intentionally. The author is Vikram J. Singh, a vice president of the “non-partisan” Center for American Progress. His explanation is part of the liberal defense of Barack Obama for what may turn out to be his most unpardonable sin as commander-in-chief: Swapping a foot soldier — and one who was a deserter at that — for five of the “worst of the worst” Guantanamo Bay terrorist detainees.

According to Singh’s rationale, Bowe Bergdahl’s behavior leaves him “just short of being a traitor.” The logical conclusion that follows is to bring Bergdahl up on disciplinary charges, but Singh argues “not so fast”:

[I]t is just as likely that Bergdahl was the one deserted by an Army that could not keep up with the mental health needs of deployed force.

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