Labor board scrambles after hundreds of decisions thrown into doubt by court ruling

Maybe if the federal government would have stayed out of it in the first place.
Check it out:

The Supreme Court ruling on Thursday that invalidated three appointments made by President Obama to the National Labor Relations Board has thrown hundreds of the board’s decisions into question.

The board that rules on labor disputes is now scrambling to determine the impact of the high court decision. At issue is whether board decisions made when the now-invalid appointees were participating will have to be re-decided under the current NLRB.

By one count, more than 430 cases could be in doubt, including a decision to protect workers from being fired for complaining about their companies on social media sites.

Board Chairman Mark Gaston Pearce put out a brief statement on Thursday acknowledging the possibility these cases will have to be revisited.

“We are analyzing the impact that the Court’s decision has on Board cases in which the January 2012 recess appointees participated,” he said. “The Agency is committed to resolving any cases affected by today’s decision as expeditiously as possible.”



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