Kerry in Baghdad as terrorist ‘army’ advances

Let me get this straight. The terrorists are about to attack Baghdad and we send Kerry to Baghdad? Is it just me or does this seem like something that would motivate terrorists to attack quickly and try and capture Kerry? Think of what Obama would trade to get Kerry back.
Check it out:

Choppering into Baghdad for his first visit to Iraq since an army of Sunni insurgents began seizing major cities in an advance toward the capital, Secretary of State John Kerry began a series of critical meetings with key Iraqi politicians, in an effort to prod them towards the swift formation of a new central government.

With tensions in Iraq running high, security for the secretary’s visit was extremely tight, with journalists accompanying him forbidden from reporting his trip to Baghdad until the C-17 military plane that transported the traveling party from Amman, Jordan touched down at the airport outside the capital.

Kerry met with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki at the latter’s residence, with the Iraqi foreign minister and other senior officials present, for an hour and 40 minutes. “That was good!” Kerry could be heard exclaiming, as he and his delegation exited. Hours earlier, however, fighters from ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, had recently captured new territory at border crossings near Syria and Jordan.

A senior State Department official, briefing the reporters traveling with Kerry via a background conference call conducted from Iraq, described al-Maliki, a Shiite, and other senior figures in the Iraqi government – regardless of religious affiliation – as deeply unnerved by the ISIS offensive. ISIS is designated by the State Department as a terrorist organization.



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