John Kerry to Get Stuck in Iraq

The only one who could screw this up more would be Kerry.
Check it out:

I’m gonna check your memory on something here — President Obama also said that he is going to send John Kerry to Iraq, which means to me that I guess Kerry didn’t do well enough in school. You’re probably scratching your head and saying, “What are you talking about, Rush?” Let me explain it. Remember when Kerry was doing — might have been a commencement speech? He did a commencement speech or he was talking to the kids somewhere and I think it was either in Northern California or Seattle, maybe Oregon, and he told them that people that don’t do well in school end up in Iraq.

And which is exactly where Kerry is going, gonna get stuck in Iraq, which means he didn’t go to school. That would also be on Rush the TV Show. All these sound bites would be on Rush the TV Show, and we’d be laughing ourselves silly, the audience, we’d have a great time. And it would be the only place you’d see it. We have more Kerry? What did I do with it? I had it here. Here we go. Here’s Kerry. The other day he said we would welcome, we’re gonna work with Iran. He says he didn’t say it. Today Show, Savannah Guthrie, “You’ve mentioned that the US is open to at least possibly working with Iran as you deal with the situation with ISIS in northern Iraq.”



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