Joe The Plumber For President

Joe would be a trillion times better than Obama.
Check it out:

That’s right – and here listed below are just a few of the things Joe “The Plumber” Wurzlebacher” would do when I’m elected President:
Since the Executive Branch no longer answers to Congress, pays scant attention to the Separation of Powers, writes or rewrites legislation willy-nilly, enforces laws selectively and pretty much rules at will now – my Presidency is going to be filled with plenty of kick-ass, common sense solutions!

Here we go:

VeteranResourcesFirst, you better damn well believe I would take care of our Veterans! Out with the waiting and in with the best care the private sector health industry can give them.

I would immediately instruct my Attorney General to bring criminal charges on the people running the Veterans Administration. Everyone involved in the waiting list scandal will be rotting in jail for a long damn time.

This would happen so quickly, I’d just barely have time to repeal ObamaCare and replace it with an affordable, competitive, market-based system that lets you buy your own insurance, with your choice of coverage, across State lines, keep your plan if you like it, choose and keep your doctor..

… You know, all the things President Obama lied to you about!



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