ISIS Tries to Tweet Its Enemies Into Submission

They did learn this from Obama.
Check it out:

Social media sites are the latest battleground in the war on terror. On June 20, the Sunni terrorist group ISIS, which is on a rampage in northern Syria and Iraq, launched a Twitterstorm under the hashtag #AllEyesOnIsis. It was aimed to appeal to impressionable Muslim youth, scare ISIS’s enemies on the ground., and intimidate the rest of the world.

This is Propaganda 101. By some accounts, ISIS is becoming addicted to Twitter and is even receiving tweets of support with photos of everything from bloody limbs to pink cupcakes with “ISIS we love you.”

Sadly, Twitter’s comment about this appalling use of the social media website was that you “have to take the good with the bad.” This is moral equivalence at a new low: Just consider ISIS’s propensity for extreme violence against Christians and other Muslims alike, which it proudly posts on the Internet for the world to see.



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