IRS ‘Lying’ About Lerner Emails

It is amazing that they tried to get this lie by people. Liberals think everyone is stupid.
Check it out:

A high-profile attorney representing many conservative groups suing the IRS for harassment over their applications for tax-exempt status isn’t buying the federal government’s claim that more than two years of critical emails are suddenly missing, and she is demanding answers.

On Friday, the IRS announced that emails to and from former Exempt Organizations Director Lois Lerner were missing between the beginning of 2009 and mid-2011, the exact stretch in which the tea party was swelling in activity and political influence.

“Just when you think they can’t think of anything more bizarre to say that they’ve done or not done, then they come up with this,” said Cleta Mitchell, a highly regarded Washington attorney who is suing the IRS on behalf of True the Vote and other groups alleging IRS misconduct.

“They are required under many court decisions and many federal statutes to retain information that would be discoverable and relevant on issues related to litigation,” she said.

As a result, Mitchell is taking swift action in demanding answers to how the emails suddenly vanished and what the government plans to do about it.

“We sent a letter to the (Justice Department) and to the attorneys for Lois Lerner too busy to and the other IRS defendants yesterday, giving them until noon Wednesday to respond to several questions,” Mitchell said. “If they don’t respond, we will file a motion in court to allow for an independent forensics expert to have access to the computers and the hard drives and to take the necessary steps to recover and preserve the evidence.”



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