Influx of Immigrant Kids is Part of the Left’s Plan to Remake America

Liberals grand plan is total government control.
Check it out:

Peter Beinart: “Fearful Republicans Hoping to Reverse Hillary’s Course.” Remember part of Beinart’s column was that this changing America, it’s got a rising tide. It’s a demographic shift, a rising tide of immigrants, Hispanics, African-Americans, Native Americans, single women.

It’s a new era of tolerance and social justice, and he makes the point that if you Republicans oppose it, you are going to hasten it. (Remember that part of the piece I shared with you yesterday?) If you oppose this, you are only going to make it happen. You have got to sign on to it. So, in other words: “The only thing you Republicans can do to be viable in the future is to support this and understand this is a changing America and you’ve got to sign on to it and love it and accept it.

“‘Cause if you don’t, it’s going to happen anyway, and you’ll be left out of it.” Of course what he was really saying was, “You don’t have any chance of being loved, adored, accepted, and liked, unless you join us. If you continue to oppose this and try to hold onto an America that isn’t anymore, you’re gonna be hated, despised, reviled, outcast.” You can see how the Republican Party establishment has bought into it and believes it.

It’s more evidence of what I started the program out with today. The only thing standing in the way of everything these people want is the Republican base, i.e., the Tea Party. We’re it. As such, we are the enemies of the establishment of both parties, the Chamber of Commerce, the business coalition with government. We are the problem. We’re the last to sign up. So a woman calls here in tears.

“This is not the country of World War II, of my parents and grandparents.” No, that’s by design. That country was racist. That country was filled with bigotry and homophobia. That country was denying people their rights and their social justice, and that was a fraudulent American era. We had superpower status, but only because we ran around the world and stole from other countries and plundered them and forced our way on them.

This is what they really believe.



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