The Immigration News Today is Outrageous

Laws mean nothing to liberals.
Check it out:

The immigration news today is over half of my show prep Stack. It’s fast and furious. It’s outrageous. We have lost control of this. And it’s now gotten to the point — you know, somebody needs to get hold of Mark Zuckerberg because Chuck-U Schumer had that press conference yesterday when he went out there and told everybody that I’m the guy killing immigration reform ’cause I keep calling it amnesty when it isn’t amnesty. And if I’m gonna keep doing that, it’s just gonna make it tougher.

Chuck-U got really frustrated today. (imitating Schumer) “You know what, to hell with it. If the Congress won’t do it, Obama should just do it on his own.” Pelosi said the same thing. The White House press spokesman, Josh Earnest, said if Congress won’t act, we will. After a nine to nothing decision they’ve gone — do you know that Obama is 0-for-12, 0-for-13? Unanimous decisions against Obama, 0-for-12, 0-for-13 at the US Supreme Court. Zuckerberg of Facebook is out calling it amnesty as he urges everybody to donate to it, contribute to it, and make it happen. He didn’t get the memo that it isn’t amnesty.
Pelosi is going to go down and meet the kids arriving at the border. She’s going to go to the border, she’s gonna go to some of the shelters where they are being taken, and she’s going to welcome them to the Democrat Party. I’m not kidding. Pelosi’s going down there, and she’s going to be the first political face they see other than the Border Patrol agents. (interruption) Well, that is a concern, you know, whether she would scare the kids. That would be a benefit to us.

Here comes Pelosi’s motorcade, if somebody says to the kids, “Here comes your average American Democrat, kids,” and then Pelosi gets out of the car and they shriek. (interruption) No, they’re not sending ’em back. In fact, the AP put out a story earlier this week that there were 30,000 backlogged cases of these kids as they try to process ’em and send ’em back. They sent out a correction today, “Oops, sorry, it’s not 30,000, it’s 360,000.” They’re not sending anybody back. Obama, I guess did a television appearance or something where he said: Please, don’t come. Do not come. He didn’t tell ’em to go back, but he said don’t come. Now, what do you do when somebody tells you not to do something? You do it. When I say, “Don’t think pink,” what do you do? Think pink. So it’s clear what’s going on.



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