Ideas for the Immigrant Refugee Kids

They’re going to try and pull on our hearts now that they have children involved.
Check it out:

We’ve also had a couple people call here with ideas of what to do with all of these immigrant refugee children. I have a better one. There was an idea offered by a caller a half hour ago to put them on a C5, which a giant military transport jet, and just fly them back to their home countries and let ’em get off the plane and let those governments find their parents and reunite the families.

Since that isn’t gonna happen, I, El Rushbo, have a better idea. Why don’t we take every one of these kids — we just opened a third military base to house these refugee immigrant children. A military base, occupied military bases, we’ve now opened a third one. Why not take all of these kids and drop them in all of these wealthy counties in Washington and the suburbs of DC?

Because that’s where the new wealth in this country is. What is it, seven of the top 10 wealthiest counties are Washington and the suburbs?

Let’s put ’em there. Let’s drop them there. Let’s have the policy makers actually have to live with the results of their policy. Why not? They get to stash ’em on military bases as far from public view, certainly their own view, as they can. Put ’em in their backyards. Put ’em on buses, drive ’em through these counties and open the doors every other block, just to make a point.



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