House Ready to ‘Move Now’ on Amnesty Legislation

How do these idiots not see the border being wide open as the problem?
Check it out:

House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) wants to “move now” on amnesty legislation.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) shockingly lost his primary last week because of his support for amnesty legislation, and illegal immigrants continue to flood across the border and strain America’s resources. Yet in an interview with Juan Williams for Fox News Latino Monday, Goodlatte said he also is in favor of passing amnesty legislation with the support of House Democrats.

“And I’m ready to move now. I’m ready to move after the election. I’m ready to move in the next Congress,” he said after acknowledging that legislation would go forward only if a majority of House Republicans support it. “I do believe that immigration reform needs to be done, because the status quo is simply not adequate. And for those who are very concerned about illegal immigration, it should not be adequate for them either.”

According to the Roanoke Times, Goodlatte also told a roundtable “organized by the Bedford Area Chamber of Commerce” Monday that there needs to be an “appropriate status” for all of the country’s illegal immigrants. That sentiment has lured many illegal immigrants from Central America to the United States with hopes of getting some type of amnesty or “appropriate status” once they enter the country.



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