House Elects McCarthy To Replace Cantor, TEA Party Scalise Elected Majority Whip

Having a TEA party member in the leadership is exciting.
Check it out:

Even though establishment Republicans won a key in-party vote on Capitol Hill today, what seems like a victory may actually cost House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, his job, according to a well-placed source on Capitol Hill.

All eyes were on the vote for majority leader, but it was the outcome of the vote for majority whip that may be pivotal, and could throw a big monkey wrench into GOP leadership plans to try to pass immigration amnesty.

Establishment Republican Rep. Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif, successfully defeated the more conservative Rep. Raul Labrador, R-Idaho, to win the House majority leader post.

However, perhaps more crucially, tea party caucus member Steve Scalise, R-La., won the race for the third-most powerful position in the House, majority whip.

It is the whip’s job to round-up votes for House leadership, in this case, Speaker Boehner, and now, Majority Leader McCarthy.



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