Hillary’s Book Bombs

Hopefully this is how her Presidential campaign will go too.
Check it out:

Mrs. Clinton’s book, it was just last Tuesday, one week ago on this program, that I said I don’t think things are going as well with her book as they had planned. I said that’s just my first take, but based on things I’m seeing in the news it’s still number two on Amazon, despite having the whole Drive-By Media behind it. It’s already been marked down to 40%. Standard operating procedure is to mark down to 30%, anywhere from 15 to 30%. Forty percent, the first week of a book, big book like this, not common. And so we had this e-mail that was released yesterday from a source inside Simon & Schuster, the publisher. They’ve only sold 60,000 books.

Now, stop and think. I think, folks, that this is a teachable moment. Here you have Simon & Schuster, New York publishing house, obviously caught up in the New York-Washington political axis, and in that world Mrs. Clinton is the biggest thing going. It was a big coup to get her and her book on her time as secretary of state. They paid her a $14 million advance, from the woman that was dead broke a few short years ago. They paid her $14 million. They needed 150,000 hardcover sales the first week. They got 60.

But the thing is, Mrs. Clinton was the beneficiary of $50 million of free advertising with all the networks talking about it and interviewing her. And tonight Fox is orgasming over the fact that they’ve got her on two different shows. They’ve got her on Bret Baier’s show at 6:45 and then they’ve got her on Greta Van Susteren’s show at seven. So she’s gonna do 15 minutes with Bret Baier, and 15 minutes with Greta. She’s all over CNN. She’s all over everywhere and still can’t get to number one on Amazon. The highest she got there was number two, which kind of makes me think that she might not have even really gotten there.

The point is that when Simon & Schuster signed the deal with her, they were beside themselves. They thought they had the biggest publishing event in who knows how many years. They’re sending press releases out and letters and, oh, my God, they were so happy. They were thanking each other and thanking themselves and praising everyone, oh, what a great thing. Everybody’s gonna want to read this, and nobody cares. And they don’t know that nobody cares.



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