Why Hillary Won’t Let the Money Thing Go

The Clinton’s think this makes them like the common man.
Check it out:

Folks, the Clintons won’t give it up. Hillary just won’t give up this idea that her family is poor and average and middle class. It was the funniest thing, and I have noticed — I am probably the most observant person that you have heard of, or, in case you know me, that you know. My observational skills combined with my memory always surprise people. I noticed early on, after Bill and Hillary left the White House, how soon and how often they began discussing their new wealth.

We made note of it. Mike, you don’t have to find it immediately, but we play it frequently during the commercial breaks. Go find the Clinton game show parody called I’m Richer Than You Are. We put one of these together. This is years ago. This goes back probably to 2000, 2001. Bill Clinton always used the subject of tax increases to do it. Whenever tax increases came up, Bill Clinton would always say (imitation Clinton), “Hey, you know what? I’m honored that I have enough wealth now to be able to pay. I don’t need all this money. I’m happy to pay these.” They’ve been bragging about their wealth for as long as they’ve had some.

My parents always told me that it was bad manners, it was bad form, not to just brag about it, but to even discuss it. Answering “how much do you earn in a year” was considered bad form. You’re not supposed to discuss that, because it’s different for everybody and it’s a no win, unless you don’t care about being perceived as braggadocios or somebody that’s ill-mannered or whatever. And that’s what struck me about the Clintons. They’re just constantly talking about.

Mrs. Clinton, as you know, two weeks ago in an interview with Diane Sawyer, said (imitating Hillary) “Oh, yeah, when we came out of the White House, we were dead broke.” And I’ll tell you the root of all of this is the Clintons attempting to establish a bond between middle-class people and even poor people. They’re trying to build this bond, while Bill’s out bragging about how much money they have and bragging about tax increases don’t bother him, even though we have now learned that the Clintons have structured their family planning like most everybody else does, to avoid as much estate tax as they can.



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