Hillary Clinton: Obama and I Restored America’s Leadership in the World

Are liberals delusional or just hope that if they tell a lie often enough that it will become the truth?
Check it out:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that although she had disagreements with President Obama during her time at the State Department, she was largely proud of her career.

“[I]n many areas he and I worked together and I think we saw positive results, I’m very proud of what we did during the time I was there,” she said. “I think we restored America;s leadership at a time when it was in quite dire straights.”

In her new book Hard Choices, Clinton expresses disagreements with Obama on some of his less successful foreign policy endeavors, especially some of his choices in Syria and Egypt.

But the disagreements she had with Obama are not emphasized.

Clinton shared a draft of her book’s manuscript with the White House before it was sent to publishers, according to a Politico report.



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