What? Deal? Huh? This makes no sense.
Check it out:

During her book tour, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton claimed she has a “deal” not to talk to reporters who are not pre-screened.

On Thursday, Business Insider tried to ask Clinton a question after an on-the-record Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) event.

“I’m not answering questions. That was the deal that I made; I’m sorry,” Clinton reportedly said.

Business Insider reported that Clinton, a potential 2016 presidential contender, “took questions from CFR President Richard Haas and council members at the event including billionaire editor and publisher Mort Zuckerman” at the event but “did not take queries from reporters who were seated in the audience’s press section.” A spokesperson for CFR told the outlet that only journalists who are “members of the Council on Foreign Relations may ask questions at meetings regardless of their profession.”

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