Hagel Throws Obama Under Bus Over Bergdahl

Obama needs a few buses to go over him.
Check it out:

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel apparently isn’t going to let the Obama administration throw him under the bus in the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl scandal. In fact, you could say just the opposite.

In his opening statement this morning at a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee, Hagel made a point of saying it was President Obama “who made the final decision” to swap Bergdahl for five top Taliban leaders, with the full support of his national security team.

“Mr. Chairman, I want to be clear on one fundamental point – I would never sign off on any decision that I did not feel was in the best interests of this country. Nor would the president of the United States, who made the final decision with the full support of his national security team.”

The administration had implied the final decision was made by Hagel.

After administration officials gave members of Congress a closed-door briefing Monday on the swap, committee chairman Buck McKeon, R-Calif., said “They indicated (it was) Secretary Hagel (who made the final call).”

Other members of Congress also left the briefing with the impression final approval for the trade was given by Hagel.



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