These are Great Times for Barack Obama

Obama has America at the breaking point. He might be thinking he is getting away with it, but people are taking notice and getting ready.
Check it out:

Look, I have to be very judicious here in the way I comment on this, because it is clear what Obama’s doing, and I refer you back again to that piece by Peter Beinart where this country is undergoing a major transformation where those who demand “tolerance” and “social justice” are going to rule the roost. They’re gonna run the country. “It ain’t gonna be you old white guys anymore.

“It ain’t gonna be you powerful rich guys anymore. It’s gonna be all of us that you’ve squished and stepped on and laughed at and made fun of! Well, we’re coming for you now, dude, and we’re gonna get you!” Obama’s applauding this and urging them on. So in the first sound bite (I’m not gonna bother playing it again), he sets him and his supporters up as the people who are fighting to bring social justice to this mean, racist, unfair, unjust, immoral, bigoted country.

And then as he scoops up all the money at this fundraiser — don’t forget, he’s scooping up all the money they’re donating to be there — he then lectures them that now that they’re on the inside like he is, they’ve gotta give even more. That’s what that whole sound bite meant. When he says (impression), “If you’ve experienced being on the outside, you gotta be one to bring more folks in even once you are inside,” that means you’ve got to go out and find even more money.

You have to donate more and you have to fund-raise more. It reminds me of Marion Barry at the Democrat convention. He was the mayor of Washington at the time. It was the Democrat convention, San Francisco, 1984. Was it ’84? Yeah. (muttering) It was ’84.

He’s up there speaking and David Brinkley is doing commentary for ABC, clearly embarrassed. Marion Barry is just all over the place, and David Brinkley is deadpanning, “This is my mayor.” Marion Barry’s whole theme is, “Tonight, tonight we on the inside. Tonight, tonight we on the inside.” So here’s Obama talking about you’ve experienced being on the outside. Meaning if you’ve experienced being laughed at and squished and stomped on and made fun of and discriminated against and blah, blah. Now that you’re on the inside, because I’m here for you, you gotta donate even more.



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