Future Shock? Sen. Michelle Obama, D-N.C.

What would be really fun is seeing her run and loose.
Check it out:

Why is the first family buying a home in Asheville, North Carolina? Do they like the weather there more than Hawaii?

Or could there be a post-presidency political motivation for the Obamas similar to the one that saw Bill and Hillary Clinton relocate to New York?

At least one well-placed source – and all kinds of scuttlebutt – suggest the latter. Residency in North Carolina is a prerequisite to the launch of Michelle Obama’s political career.

Specifically, the smart money says, Michelle is likely to seek a Senate seat, the one currently held by Republican Richard Burr, who is retiring in 2016.

Republicans believe Democrats will want to run a high-profile candidate to try to capture the open seat – and who could be higher than someone named Obama?

Now, sources are reporting the Obamas are purchasing a home in Asheville.

One source, for the Wall Street Cheat Sheet, said the property being purchased is in Asheville, but the White House wasn’t confirming anything yet.



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