Former GITMO detainees likely to live in ‘5 star villas’ during stay in Qatar

Let’s just hope we know where they are on Jan 20, 2017 so we can send a drone missile into their tent.
Check it out:

Qatar – On a weekend night you can’t escape the roar of race car engines along the coastal roads here in the Qatari capital. It must be a bit of a culture shock for the five Taliban detainees sprung from Guantanamo Bay last week in exchange for the freedom of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl.

There has been an outcry from critics of the prisoner swap, who worry that these men with blood on their hands are getting off far too easily. Qatar’s citizens are the richest in the world, per capita, but only a minority of residents here are actually citizens and the Taliban five are not among them.

We do know their families are coming here to live with the former prisoners in some sort of residential compound.

Sources here say they are likely to live in “5 star villas” along with more than a few of their compatriots who are already living in the Qatari capital at the expense of this gas-rich Emirate.

Qataris have a different relationship with the Taliban than does the U.S.



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