Flooding the Zone: Obama is Executing His Mission to Transform America

I’m still wondering what Obama’s plan to stay in office past 2016 will be.
Check it out:

So this happens a lot, folks. I’m sitting here at my real radio announcer desk in my real radio announcer studio, and I am diligently preparing today’s program, deeply concentrated on a number of things — well, in deep concentration, would be the proper way to say it. And the Official Program Observer, Bo Snerdley, walks in and says, “I need some help understanding something.”

I said, “Well, you’ve come to the right place.”

“I don’t understand. What are they trying to do with all these kids, all these immigrant kids crossing the border, flooding the border. It’s an election year! What in the world are they trying to do?”

And I said, “You’re looking at this through the prism of this being an election year?”

“Yeah, yeah.”

I said, “So you think that Obama is slitting his throat, cutting his own throat in an election year for the Democrats by flooding the southern border with a bunch of refugee immigrant kids?”

“Yeah. Yeah.”

I said, “Well, you’re looking at it the wrong way.” Understandably. I mean, it is an election year and people do tend to look at events they think are political in terms of an election, this being an election year. And there are a number of assumptions that people make, such as Obama wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt the Democrats; such as Obama wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt Hillary; such as Obama wouldn’t want to do anything to hurt himself. And I have to tell you, speaking of Hillary, by the way, am I the only one tired of talking about this woman and whatever her future is? I’m sorry. We’re going to talk about her. It’s a fiduciary responsibility I have if nothing else. It’s an issue of responsibility, but I am worn out. I’m fed up.

I’m no longer intrigued by what the Clintons are doing. I guess, A, because I know. There’s no mystery to the Clintons for me. I know exactly what they’re doing. I know exactly what she’s angling for in all of this. But we’ll talk about it. I don’t know if it’s a bad sign or not. What do you think? Is it a bad sign I am just bored to tears with Mrs. Clinton? (interruption) I know. I know! (laughing) We’re just kicking up again here with Clinton era number three, for all intents and purposes.



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