Fireworks at IRS Hearing on Capitol Hill

These lying liberals show no signs of even caring that they are being shown for the fools that they are.
Check it out:

There were fireworks today up on Capitol Hill. But I don’t think it’s gonna matter. I just don’t think it’s gonna matter. They had the IRS commissioner up there by the name of John Koskinen, and this guy was arrogant and brazen and, “Screw you!” Both with his tone and his facial expressions, he was sending the message, “Look I don’t care about what you think.

“I don’t even really need or want to be here outside of being polite and accepting your invitation, but screw you!” That’s basically what it was. This segment was about the missing e-mails, the lost e-mails, the recycled server, the crashed hard drive. Paul Ryan was incredulous at some of the answers. Paul Ryan was incredulous that John Koskinen didn’t apologize.

So when Koskinen came under some heated questioning by Dave Camp and Paul Ryan, the Democrats on the committee circled the wagons and apologized to him — to Koskinen for the way he was being treated! I don’t recall them ever apologizing to Sam Alito, or Alito’s wife for the way he was treated. I don’t remember anybody ever apologizing to Robert Bork.

I don’t remember anybody ever apologizing to Clarence Thomas. Let’s go straight to the audio sound bites. After his opening statement, Dave Camp, who is the chairman of the Ways and Means Committee (and that’s the committee doing the hearing today), started asking for an apology from the IRS commissioner John Koskinen, and Koskinen said, “What am I apologizing to you for?

“I gave you the e-mails that we have,” but they claim the important ones are gone. But Koskinen said, “What the hell? Apologize to you? A bunch of conservatives? No way!” So here’s what Camp, who’s from Michigan, said: “What I didn’t hear you say, Commissioner Koskinen, was an apology to this committee.”



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