Feds Propose Sending Texas Border Crisis Foreign Minors to Baltimore

This is ridiculous. How did we allow it to get this bad?
Check it out:

President Barack Obama is proposing to send some of the illegal immigrant children currently being warehoused in South Texas to Baltimore, Maryland. The Obama Administration is getting pushback from Maryland officials on this proposal.

A federal proposal may send hundreds, if not thousands of these unaccompanied minors to a warehouse facility currently under the control of the Social Security Administration (SSA) in Maryland, according to Baltimore’s FOX 45. The report claims that President Obama is asking Congress for an additional billion dollars to take care of the children while they are looking for space to house them across the country.

The White House is getting pushback from local and federal officials. Senator Barbara Mikulski said in a public statement, “”We have told the federal government to look at other facilities in Maryland and to work with faith-based organizations that are experts in the field of child welfare.”

As the children will be arriving at the former SSA warehouse located on Green Street in Baltimore City with almost no resources local official believe this will present a tremendous financial burden.



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