The Establishment Sees Elections as a Nuisance

I’m still waiting for the 2016 elections to be canceled so Obama can stay in office.
Check it out:

I think this leads to disconnect and even a bit of cynicism about the role of elections in our process. The ruling class looks at ’em as nuisances. We look at them as one of the few vehicles, opportunities, chances that we have to effect any kind of change.

So your analogy is interesting, but there have been a number of shocks and surprises in elections just in the last 20 years, and they haven’t brought about any real change. Let me give you a real good example. The 2002 midterms. The Democrats, ’cause of polling data and any number of things, thought they had that election in the bag. They were gonna take back the House. They were gonna run everything.

Bush, they were still fuming over the Florida recount, and 9/11 had happened. The Wellstone memorial took place. They just were so cocksure that they were gonna win big, and they got shellacked in those midterms — and they got shellacked, according to the exit polling information, for things that had not even come up in the campaign. A: Values. It was striking!

These were national elections all across the country, midterm elections, and it was stunning. Exit polling data indicated that the number one issue people voted on were values. Morality, family values, this kind of stuff. The Democrats were totally shellacked. They were totally shocked. They were stunned, they couldn’t believe it, and for the two weeks following the election they’re all out there promising to get right on values and so forth.

That was a huge loss.

Has it changed the way the Democrats behave?

It has not.

I’m sure you can think probably yourself of other shocking election results. The Republicans winning the House for the first time in 40 years in 1994? Did that send a message to the Democrats that they’d better clean up, straighten up, and stop this Big Government stuff? No. What happened? The Republicans ended up becoming more like Democrats after a while. (interruption)

What you mean, “What’s the point?” The point is don’t think that the Eric Cantor defeat is gonna cause a massive reversal in direction of the Republican establishment. They’re not gonna look at the Cantor defeat and say, “Oh, oh, oh oh, my God. We better change. Oh, you know what? We better drop amnesty.” They’re not gonna do that at all. It’s not what happens. That’s why elections end up being so frustrating.

They’re the one thing we have, and sometimes even when they end up sending a huge message, sometimes it appears like the message isn’t received. That’s why this mess is not gonna be fixed in one election, even a presidential election. This kind of thing that happened on Tuesday night needs to happen over and over again. Not to depress you, but it just does.



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