EPA’s new plan to target greenhouse gases will kill jobs

This will create the Obama depression.
Check it out:

The Obama administration’s decision this week to impose dramatic new costs on U.S. power plants and consumers shows that Washington liberals are once again putting the preoccupations of their donor and activist base well ahead of ordinary Americans in states like mine.

By imposing these new regulations outside the normal legislative process, the Obama administration has also once again shown its contempt for the wishes of the broader public and a system of government that was devised precisely to restrain actions like this one from the powers-that-be in Washington.

If you’re looking for an analogy, look no further than ObamaCare — another prime example of Washington liberals imposing a “solution” on the American people in the form of higher costs and fewer choices.

The difference this time is that the president didn’t even bother going to Congress. After failing to get his initial version of a new national energy tax through the House and Senate a few years back, the president simply decided to impose it unilaterally, against the clear wishes of the peoples’ representatives.

No doubt liberal super-donors will applaud this week’s decision to impose draconian new regulations on American power plants. But the middle class and working poor who are already reeling from the impact of ObamaCare, among other painful regulations, will be devastated by the economic effects.



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