EPA: We Lost Emails Too!

Nobody believes the IRS, but for some reason the EPA thinks people will believe them. Where are the raids with FBI agents to seize the needed emails? If some corporation tried this you can be sure a SWAT team would be sent in immediately.
Check it out:

Move over, IRS — now the EPA is having its own problems with missing emails.

The environmental agency is having trouble locating emails belonging to a former agency employee and pulling information from his crashed hard drive, House members revealed Wednesday while questioning Administrator Gina McCarthy at a hearing on complaints of mismanagement.

“What is it with bureaucrats and public employees … the hard drives crash?” asked Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-Mich.).

He and others on the Oversight and Government Reform Committee questioned McCarthy about missing information related to the committee’s investigation into the potential environmental impact of a proposed gold and copper mine in the Bristol Bay watershed in Alaska.



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