EPA Carbon Rules Forgotten!

With the terrorist trade still hot in the story, the new EPA regulations have been all but forgotten. These rules will send the US into a depression yet no one is talking about them. People will look back and wonder why we didn’t do anything and not even realize that we were distracted by the Obama spin machine.
Check it out:

Recent U.S. economic news has been nothing short of dreadful. While some experts were predicting 4 percent growth during the first quarter of the fiscal year, the actual rate for the quarter was originally pegged at only .01 percent growth. That was soon reduced to a negative .01 percent, meaning that the U.S. economy contracted during the quarter.

Of course the administration, as it usually does, offered up excuses, including the past winter’s dreadful weather. But the real cause of the dismal state of the American economy has been the economic policies of the Obama administration itself: job-killing regulations as well as fiscal and monetary policies that create uncertainty, leading businesses to forego hiring or investments. Recently, the Guardian’s U.S. economic and finance editor, Heidi Moore, wondered
“… with incomes down, housing suffering, and businesses still wary of hiring, where [will] growth…come from?”

One response should be energy. Thanks to technological innovations such as fracturing (fracking) and multidirectional drilling, the United States has already become the number one producer of natural gas in the world and is poised to attain the same status as an oil producer within five years. But the Obama administration, in thrall of the Democratic Party’s “green” energy, rent-seeking, crony capitalists, has engaged in nothing short of a war on oil, gas, and coal, the combination of which provides plentiful and relatively cheap energy for America.



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