Dogs prefer to earn treats rather than receive handouts

They must have studied conservative dogs, as the liberal dogs would just demand more treats and not do a thing for them.
Check it out:

In humans the ‘eureka moment’ is a commonly known feeling that occurs when we solve a particularly troubling problem.

But new research suggests that we’re not the only animals to experience this – dogs, too, gain pleasure from solving a tricky task.

In a series of experiments, scientists found dogs were happier when they earned a reward by performing a task, rather than just being handed a treat.

The research was carried out by Dr Ragen Mcgowan and colleagues from the University of Agricultural Sciences in Sweden.

During tests, the researchers used six matched pairs of beagles, reports Companion Animal Psychology.

Each of the 12 dogs were trained to use three of six different pieces of equipment, ranging from a ‘dog piano’ to a lever that would make a bell ring.



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