The Disgusting Scott Walker Smear

Liberals don’t care about the truth. They only care about getting more government in place.
Check it out:

The Scott Walker story, you know, I finally got to the bottom of this and I’m going to spend much more time on this later on. There’s a headline in the Washington Post. This is really — again, I’m out of adjectives. Well, it’s worse than a smear. It is a smear, but I’m out of adjectives to describe what’s going on.

“Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Suspected of Coordinating with Outside Groups.” He has been found not guilty of it! The case is over. Two judges have thrown the case out twice. There was never anything to the allegations. Nothing. Everything about the original subpoenas were thrown out. They were illegal. They were in violation of constitutional rights and the people who receive the subpoenas. I’ll explain all this in detail in a minute. I didn’t mean to get into this now, but it fits.

The point is, there is no case. There was no illegal outside coordinating on behalf of Scott Walker. He has been found not guilty twice. The Washington Post headline today: “Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Suspected of Coordinating with Outside Groups.” The readers of the Washington Post think that the investigation is just getting started and that Walker is going to be found guilty. It’s worse than a smear. It’s journalistic malpractice and it’s not just the Washington Post. There is no story here. It’s over.

Walker once again has been found not guilty. There never was anything to these allegations in the first place. This is just an out and out lie. This is the depths to which the left has sunk and is sinking. Even with that, when you learn this and are able to tell people and spell out exactly how the left is lying, smearing, or making things up, destroying conservatives — literally on the warpath to destroy — even when you can tell people, it doesn’t provide any satisfaction. I don’t get any satisfaction in illustrating for you how the Washington Post is lying. For the people that read it, it isn’t going to matter.

The people that read it are going to think Walker is still guilty and the investigation is just beginning. The left is out to get him and they’re gonna get him. And even if they don’t, what’s going to happen is that the low-information crowd on the left is going to come away from all of this thinking Scott Walker is the closest thing to a Mafioso running Wisconsin. That is the point they’re trying to make. He has been exonerated by judges in Wisconsin. The case was so flimsy, not even the lib judges wanted to join it. And yet it’s in the Washington Post.



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