‘We would all die for him’: 6 soldiers who served with Bergdahl seek answers

Maybe they can put they could be these six in a room with Bergdahl for a few minutes.
Check it out:

Six soldiers who served in the same platoon as Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl in Afghanistan expressed anger, sadness and outrage over what they said unequivocally was Bergdahl’s willful desertion five years ago, with one telling Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, “we would all die for him and he left.”

When asked by Kelly on “The Kelly File” if they thought Bergdahl had deserted their platoon, all six men raised their hands. They also all agreed Bergdahl should be court-martialed and tried for desertion, saying this is not about politics.

“Here is the thing. When you’re in combat doesn’t matter, left, right, Independent, Jedi, whatever you want to be,” one of the soldiers, Cody Full, said. “He’s my brother, he’s my brother, he’s my brother. We’ll all ride together, we’ll all die together. I don’t know how he felt about us but we would all die for him and he left.”

Bergdahl’s former team leader, Evan Buetow, said that America is waiting to hear Bergdahl’s side of the story, but it was clear to him then and now that he deserted because of comments Bergdahl had made.



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