Dave Brat’s “Controversial” Platform

How the TEA party platform is controversial is really beyond me.
Check it out:

Here are the six points that Dave Brat ran on. By the way, Cantor raised $5.4 million. This guy had $200,000 and spent about half of it. He had a staff of two people, and of course Cantor had, what, 23, a staff of 23. I mean, it was full bore what you would expect. I mean, there’s a lot… (interruption) Well, you could say David-Goliath. I mean, that might be an analogy. It would be. Look, I can’t really add to much of what I said in the first hour, and I said that so well, why even try to say it again.

But this is all bigger than Cantor, and it’s bigger than one issue, immigration reform. This disconnect is major and it is growing. But I think one of the interesting observations to make is here you’ve got a guy, this election was historic. This is the first time a majority leader of a party has lost a primary election, the first time. This is not insignificant. And David Brat is not a wacko. He’s not a kook. He’s an economics professor. He’s an economist. He’s an American. He’s a real guy.

Here are the six points that he ran on. He posted these six points on his website. He mentioned them in his ads, and there weren’t very many ads ’cause a hundred grand doesn’t buy you a whole lot of ads. And Cantor did the typical establishment thing. He’s running negative ads and trying to beat this guy to smithereens and making fun of him, his inexperience, doesn’t know the ways of Washington. He called him a liberal. All backfired.



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