Consumers Hit With Surcharge to Cover City’s $15 Minimum Wage

This will make people notice the new fees! Maybe some liberals will wake up and realize that a minimum wage is supposed to be a starting job, not a career.
Check it out:

In the city of SeaTac, Wash., where the minimum wage is now $15 an hour, one business is charging customers a “living wage” surcharge.

An airport parking service, Masterpark, “is charging customers an additional 99 cents per parking day,” reported Northwest Watchdog.

Near SeaTac, Seattle also is hiking its minimum wage. On Monday, the city council voted unanimously to raise the minimum wage over several years until it reaches $15 an hour. In an Associated Press interview afterward, City Council member Kshama Sawant, a self-described socialist, noted that “$15 in Seattle is just the beginning.”



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