Congress to Prevent Bergdahl From Selling His Story

Congress is the beginning stages of making sure that Bergdahl does not profit from his treasonous acts.

If congress fails to get this done, there will also civil cases from family’s whose military member died in the search for Bergdahl. Think OJ’s civil case where he was held responsible for the murders and hit in the wallet for them.

Whether Bergdahl ever attempts to return to the US remains to be seen.

Check it out:

The Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl story is dominating the headlines as congressional criticism over the Obama administration’s exchange of the Army POW for five Taliban detainees grows.

Now entertainment insiders are telling FOX411 that the complicated tale of is gaining a ton of interest from Hollywood as well.

“The sheer volume of questions surrounding Bowe’s story is exactly why a publisher would love to tell this story,” one publishing source explained. “The public wants to know.”

But Bergdahl may not be able to financially profit, at least not right away. As long as he enlisted in the Armed Forces he cannot officially be involved in any entertainment-related deal. Once his tour ends, however, he can cash out.

While Hollywood doesn’t necessarily need Bergdahl’s authorization to tell his story given the vast amount of public information available, it might still want him onboard if it is to mimic past true-story successes. Last year’s “Captain Phillips” about the merchant mariner held hostage by Somali pirates made over $107 million from a $55 million production budget. Former Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s heroic inside story, “Lone Survivor,” grossed $125 million from a $40 million budget. Both had the cooperation of the individuals involved.



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