California Diminishes Union Power in Schools

You know Unions are out of control when even California is putting them into their place!
Check it out:

Teachers unions—already experiencing a drop in membership and public sentiment— took another large blow last week when Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Rolf M. Treu struck down five California laws that govern the hiring and firing of teachers. The decision, Vergara v. State of California, will significantly diminish the influence of unions over personnel decisions and empower principals and school leaders with the ability to keep the most effective teachers in their classroom and dismiss ineffective teachers.

In his 16-page opinion, Treu compared Vergara to landmark cases that defined educational equality, such as Brown v. Board of Education. “While these cases addressed the issue of lack of equality of education based on the discrete facts raised therein, here this Court is directly faced with issues that compel it to apply these constitutional principles to the quality of the educational experience,” Treu wrote.

According to Heritage senior legal policy analyst Elizabeth Slattery, Treu’s opinion “held that a disparity in the quality of education violates students’ right to equality because “grossly ineffective teachers” have a “real and appreciable” impact on the students. Further, the tenure laws disproportionately burden low-income and minority students.”

According to the California Department of Education, “the most vulnerable students, those attending high-poverty, low-performing schools, are far more likely than their wealthier peers to attend schools having a disproportionate number of under qualified, inexperienced, out-of-field, and ineffective teachers and administrators.”



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