Maybe someone will take care of this traitor now.
Check it out:

Now that the heat has died down, it’s safe to start letting Bowe Bergdahl reintegrate into the society he hates. With all the other Democrat Party scandals to cover, who cares about a deserter we got back in exchange for five terrorists?

Chris Carroll, Stars and Stripes:

The Army announced over the weekend that former captive Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl had progressed enough in his reintegration into American life to move out of the Texas military hospital where he was being treated…

Bergdahl, held by the Taliban-allied Haqqani network for nearly five years, will gradually encounter more people as he continues in outpatient treatment. But officials did not specify whether he was yet in contact with Army troops other than medical providers.

Officials said Bergdahl was living on post, but wouldn’t divulge his living arrangements in order to “safeguard the reintegration process.”

Not to mention safeguarding his face.

Congratulations, taxpayers. This deserter is sleeping and eating on your dime.

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