Bob Bergdahl Sent Another ‘Jihad Message’

Seems the apple didn’t fall far from the tree.
Check it out:

The father of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl puzzled many Americans with his Arabic declaration at the White House Rose Garden event with President Obama that announced the release of his son in exchange for five top Taliban commanders

At the White House, he said in Arabic, “In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate,” which, according to an Islam expert, amounted to him claiming the White House as a spoil of war.

It’s doubtful he understood the significance of what he was saying, the expert said. Indeed, while the elder Bergdahl began studying Arabic and Pashto and growing a beard that made him look more and more like a sympathizer of the Taliban captors of his son, friends and two former pastors of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church he attended, insist he has not converted to Islam but remains “a brother in the Lord.” The Washington Post reported worried friends sometimes asked him if he hadn’t succumbed to some form of the captive-bonding Stockholm syndrome. On Monday, according to the London Daily Mail, Bergdahl’s neighbors said he has shaved his beard.

Nevertheless, his declaration at the White House wasn’t his only use of Arabic terms that have significant war-related connotations to Muslims.



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