No one is talking about the EPA carbon regulations at all.
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The news media is trying to make this — and has been trying to make this — all about Bergdahl and Bergdahl’s parents and so forth. That’s a distraction. It was never about Bergdahl. He’s the excuse. The thing that is noteworthy here is Obama has always wanted to close Guantanamo Bay.

He’s promised to shut down Gitmo; the left is irritated at him. It’s cost him some money, in fact, in donations, that Gitmo is still open. To do that, to close Gitmo, he’s got to get rid of the remaining terrorists somehow. And he’s been itching to find an excuse to do so, some way to make it seem like it’s something else besides letting these terrorists go free.

So he does it in the form of a prisoner swap, and he thinks he’s gonna get heralded and get credited and thought of as a great guy. “We’re gonna get back an American soldier!” This man has never worn a uniform; he disdains people who do. He doesn’t understand the culture. Susan Rice is as tone deaf now as she was during Benghazi. These people are embarrassing. They literally are embarrassing.

They have no idea about military culture, military tradition. And if indeed they were blindsided by this and if they even care about being blindsided, that was why. But the point here is to empty Guantanamo. When you empty Guantanamo… Everything has consequences. When you empty Guantanamo, you are replenishing the enemy in a war on terror that is still underway.

These people might want you to think they vanquished Al-Qaeda because they got bin Laden. They might want you to think the War on Terror is over and we moved on to other things, but it isn’t. It’s still underway, and the Taliban reaction to this is proof positive. So Obama has wanted an excuse, some way to make it look like something else, something other than letting the terrorists run free from Guantanamo.

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