Benghazi Attackers Communicated via State Dept. Cell Phones During Attack

They used our own equipment against us. Amazing.
Check it out:

The Islamist terrorists that were responsible for attacking the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and killing four including Ambassador Chris Stevens were overheard by multiple US spy agencies communicating by means of State Department cell phones they seized during the attack, according to a Fox News report.

The report, put together by Fox’s Bret Baier and James Rosen, concludes that the newly uncovered information shows the Obama administration knew the events unfolding in Benghazi on September 11, 2012 were nothing short of a terrorist attack the very day they unfolded. The report adds to the stack of evidence that the attacks were not a spontaneous demonstration caused by a poorly made YouTube video, as the Obama administration had claimed for weeks.

In an interview with Fox, retired Air Force Major Eric Stahl, who piloted the aircraft that took the attack’s survivors and victims’ corpses from Benghazi, said CIA personnel were “confused” by the administration’s strategy to blame the YouTube video. He said they knew very well, the same day, that the Islamist assault was a planned attack. Stahl said, “They knew during the attack… who was doing the attacking.” He continued, “Right after they left the consulate in Benghazi and went to the [CIA] safehouse, they were getting reports that cell phones, consulate cell phones, were being used to make calls to the attackers’ higher ups.”



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