The Answer to What’s Wrong in This Country is Conservatism

Conservatism works every time it is tried.
Check it out:

Let me tackle another question, ’cause I get this all the time. “Well, Rush, you keep talking about Reagan and all of that, but you know, the era of Reagan’s over. It was so long ago,” or whatever. You know, the question is: How did Reagan overcome the media? The media hated Reagan as much as they hate Bush. The media hated Reagan as much as they’ve hated Nixon.

The media hated Reagan as much as anybody has ever hated the Republicans. Don’t doubt me. For those of you that weren’t alive, don’t doubt me. Reagan was hated and despised. The players were different. Their names were Sam Donaldson and Dan Blather and so forth. He was just as despised as any media hated Bush or Nixon. Yet you’ve heard that, “Yeah, well, but Reagan, he had this charisma.

“He was able to speak directly to the American people. He was able to go over the heads of the media and speak to the people unfiltered.” True. But that’s not why Reagan succeeded. It all comes down to the same thing: Substance and reality versus spin, PR, buzz, and myth. The end result? Look at what happened when Reagan was president. The economy grew like gangbusters.

I don’t care what the media was saying. The reality was that the economy was great. We were vanquishing communist foes with our foreign policy. The point here is, the way you overcome the media is with success on the ground. But you don’t vie for buzz success or a PR success and you don’t try to have success that’s defined by persuading as many people as possible you’re successful.

You define success by being successful, implementing policies that work and that really benefited people because they help themselves. The reason Reagan was able to overcome the media is because his policies revived a country which was in as bad a shape in the latter seventies as it is now, which is precisely what we need again. We don’t need PR tactics to try to convince the media we’re not mean or bad.

We don’t need tactics to get the media fooled. We just need somebody who is unabashedly and unafraid-ly conservative who will implement policies that will work and will bring actual positive results to people’s lives, and then it doesn’t matter what the media says. They’ll look like buffoons, like they did in the eighties. It’s just substance over symbolism, reality over buzz. That’s all it is.



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