Another Phony ‘Gay’ Gene Study

We don’t accept kleptomaniac’s sinful behavior, why should this be any different.
Check it out:

A study conducted earlier this year is being manipulatively utilized by LGBTQ activists to promote their pro-homosexual propaganda. After testing the DNA of 400 “gay” men in the U.S., scientists claim that they have found more evidence for the genetic causation of sexual orientation. However, they are now conveniently replacing the phrase “caused by” with “influenced, affected by” or “contributes to.” Unless paying close attention, the undiscerning reader might not notice the intentionally nuanced language. Moreover, the results of this new research, like all of the other studies that preceded it, are not compelling.

The UK Guardian, reporting that “at least two chromosomes affect whether a man was ‘gay’ or straight,” describes the specific conclusions of the research.

A region of the X chromosome called Xq28 had some impact on men’s sexual behaviour – though scientists have no idea which of the many genes in the region are involved, nor how many lie elsewhere in the genome.

Another stretch of DNA on chromosome 8 also played a role in male sexual orientation – though again the precise mechanism is unclear.



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