6 Reasons Obama Lost Iraq

Obama is clueless on the world stage. He thinks that Bush will be blamed when the fact is that his own lack of action are the cause.
Check it out:

As hundreds of thousands flee before the onrushing Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist army, media defenders of the Obama administration are rushing to prop up the ailing Obama foreign policy.

“Who lost Iraq?” writes the Washington Post’s Fareed Zakaria. “Whenever America has asked this question – as it did with China in the 1950s or Vietnam in the 1970s – the most important point to remember is: the local rulers did.” Joy Reid of MSNBC blamed former President George W. Bush by implication: “it’s this unpleasant recent history that helped set the stage for the bloody events that we’re seeing in Iraq right now.” And Democratic Governor of Rhode Island Lincoln Chafee went after Bush directly: “These neocons [neo-conservatives] all through the ’90s were talking the importance of regime change in Iraq and toppling Saddam Hussein, the strongman. I just didn’t understand stirring up the hornets’ nest that is the Middle East. It just never made any sense to me, and now we’re seeing some of the ramifications of having deviated from our Cold War containment strategy.”

The reality, however, is that neither weak local rulership nor the rationale for the Iraq war in 2003 explains just why the country has fallen back into chaos. After all, Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has been in power since 2006; he has been incompetent and corrupt since day one. President Obama’s attempt to suggest that only tremendous leadership by al-Maliki can achieve victory is a plausible way of punting. And Bush has been out of office since 2008.

Nor was Iraq unwinnable. The same pundits who state that Vietnam and China were unwinnable wars forget that by 1973, Vietnam had been won, and that Mao had been defeated long before World War II, but was brought back into the fold by the United States in the aftermath of the defeat of Japan. United States foreign policy matters.

President Obama is responsible for the collapse of security in Iraq.



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