5 Lessons In The Heroic Act That Stopped The Seattle School Shooter

Being able to defend ourselves is what the government wants to prevent.
Check it out:

Last Thursday, another loon (like Elliot Rodger) opened fire with a shotgun on students at Seattle Pacific University, killing one and wounding three others.

It could have been a veritable bloodbath as the culprit, Aaron Ybarra, intended, according to law enforcement, to “unleash hell” on the campus; but a quick thinking, non-wussified young man rose to the occasion and peppered sprayed this SOB when he was reloading and brought him down to Chinatown.

Gentlemen, should you ever find yourself in a sticky situation in close proximity to an active shooter, as Mr. Meis did, put this in the back of your noggin; it might save a few lives:

1. Obviously, get out of the shooter’s line of sight. I know … duh. Stay safe, assess the situation and try to maneuver from behind.

2. Be willing to sacrifice self to save others. That’s what Meis did and it worked. Jon had no guarantees he was going to come out of that altercation alive, but he ponied up anyway and it worked, saving God-knows how many lives.

In that kind of crap storm, calling the cops only allows el Douche the time to reload and keep mowing down the innocent. Aggressive action is the cure for the active shooter. Take the bastard out. Bull rush him. Yes, you might die but you also might save a lot of innocent lives. That’s the gamble of the hero.



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