4 Ways to End The Illegal Immigration Crisis

Once we secure the border, we can discuss ways of letting more people come here legally.
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A constant refrain from those who insist on comprehensive immigration reform – read: amnesty – rather than closing the border as a first step toward dealing with the immigration issue is that the border cannot be closed.

That’s nonsense. The border can be closed, but both parties have a seeming interest in keeping it open. Democrats want the border open to usher in millions of people, most of them undereducated and likely to depend at least in part on government, who will presumably vote for bigger government once they are given citizenship. Republicans want the border open to provide cheap labor to big business. Nobody wants the border open to benefit the kind of immigrants that made this nation great: immigrants who want to work and don’t want an overbearing state alternatively cradling and crushing them.

So here’s how we can fix the border problem.

Build a Wall. Approximately one-third of the US-Mexico border is fenced off. The rest is patrolled by hundreds of border patrol agents, most of whom are centralized in particular areas like Tucson and San Diego. Unsurprisingly, where border patrols are most common, illegal immigration is down most. But as of March 2013, just 15 Border Patrol pilots were assigned to the entire Rio Grande valley, according to The Daily Beast, as opposed to 80 stationed in Mexico. The supposed cost to build a fence that spans the entire border is estimated at some $22.4 billion. Which is not all that much money, considering that the federal government has blown some $154 billion on green energy boondoggles over the past 40 years. In 2008, the feds somehow came up with $20 billion to bail out Bank of America.



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