‘Wary of Hillary’ Liberals Offset by Centrist Democrats

The trust level for compromising Democrats has to be really low.
Check it out:

Hillary Clinton’s road to the White House in 2016 has come to a fork, with some Democrats urging her to take the path in a more progressive destination, while others advise her to continue down the centrist trail.

According to The Hill, liberal Democrats feel the time is right to push the political agenda leftward and capitalize on the success of the “war-on-women,” gay marriage advocacy, and economic inequality themes that have made headway under the Obama administration. Moreover, with a rising population of Hispanics that have grown weary of the GOP’s agenda of smaller government and less entitlements, liberals don’t want a leader that may be looked upon as a centrist.

Laura Friedenbach of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee posits that Hillary could close the door on any political rivals surfacing by simply embracing the “rising economic populist tide in America.” However, according to Friedenbach, if Clinton chooses to side “with big corporations against everyday people, there will be a huge amount of political space for some insurgent to run on an economic populist platform.”



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