The VA Scandal: Why Now?

It’s government. Seems that everything in government is a scandal anymore.
Check it out:

Why now? Why all of a sudden now? Because everything he said is true. For the longest time there were horror stories about the VA for decades. So what is happening now has to be demonstrably even worse than the status quo. Everything has a baseline. Moynihan called it defining deviancy down. You try to fix something that’s going wrong and you fail, you give up, you just declare that it’s normal and move on now.

Okay, so the VA, what was normal was, it was lousy. Then it got so bad that it was even worse than what it was accepted to be. And how did that happen? Do you remember, ladies and gentlemen, in the early days of Obama trying to sell Obamacare, he went out and blasphemed doctors, particularly surgeons. He accused private sector doctors, surgeons, of putting their pocketbooks before the health of their patients. They did unnecessary amputations because they could pocket 30 grand. Remember all that?

He went through a litany of things. People that did amputations or took out an appendix unnecessarily. He really ripped into private sector doctors as just evil profiteers, performing unnecessary medical procedures because they can get a lot more money for those. Well, isn’t that exactly what the bureaucrats at the VA did here that’s got everybody up in arms? I mean, they didn’t amputate limbs or take out tonsils to line their pockets, but they let human beings die and monkeyed around with waiting lists in order to earn their bonuses.

It may have been bad forever at the VA, but you didn’t have 40 people on a special waiting list dying. And why did they die, and why were they on a waiting list? It’s because the VA was overwhelmed, and they had to do something to show that the names had been moved through the system so they came up with super-secret waiting lists that they put people on, and those people never got seen. They didn’t get in to see a doctor.

This greedy, heartless doctor narrative was used very effectively by Obama to get Obamacare passed. He ginned up a bunch of hatred and suspicion of private sector doctors. It was deliberate. It was vicious. It was just as bad as if you like your policy, if you like your doctor, you can keep them. That was a huge lie. So the greedy, heartless bureaucrat narrative is what happened here at the VA. And I find it fascinating that exactly what he accused private sector doctors of doing was happening in his own bureaucracy.

And I think when news of this hit, it was so bad, so below what had been normal, you know, the VA might have been bad in the past, but they didn’t lie about massive numbers of deaths, and they didn’t keep separate sets of books all for the purposes of securing bonuses. I’m not saying this to excuse what had gone on in the past, but the caller had a legitimate question. Why now? Why all of a sudden now? You can ask that about pretty much anything going on in the country, why now? These six years have been a horror story for this country, for the economy, foreign policy. I mean, it really is starting to add up now.



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