Triple-Amputee Iraq Veteran’s Struggle with VA Bureaucracy Heads into 8th Month

Good job Obama. How do you mess something this simple up?
Check it out:

On May 14 Breitbart News was able to speak with former Airman Brian Kolfage, an American hero who lost both legs and his right hand during a rocket attack in Iraq in 2004.

He told us that “about a year ago” he received paperwork from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) informing him that he “was being overpaid.” He said the VA claimed they had “overpaid [him] something like $4,000.”

Kolfage said his initial reaction was, “What the heck is this?” He called the VA and told them he was never overpaid and he that was trying to understand what was going on.

The phone call was followed by more paperwork and forms that he had to fill out before, Kolfage says, the VA told him what was going on: “They said that because [he] was remarried and had not informed them that [he] was divorced before getting remarried, they ended up overpaying ‘X’ amount of dollars.” The letter explaining the situation came approximately eight months ago—September 12, 2013.



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